European Forum Alpbach 2021

European Forum Alpbach 2021


Greening the Blue Economy – Linking Ocean Health and Wealth


European Forum Alpbach

Blue economy sectors have a strong responsibility to reduce or eliminate their carbon and biodiversity footprints. This is the opportunity for the EU to become a “blue leader” with the most innovative and sustainable blue economy in the world

Geneviève Pons, Director General and Vice-president, Europe Jacques Delors

Isabelle Garzon, Director of Studies and Development at Europe Jacques Delors:

"There is no sustainable blue economy without strong science and strong governance"

We have to act at 3 levels:

- EU level: The institutions must go ahead with the adoption of the Mission Starfish 2030 proposals.

- Private investment: We need to support innovators and investors in minimising the risks they take to change their business model.

- Societal mobilisation: we need a shift in society, in our way of thinking. To do so, all citizen and educational initiatives that may be supported are welcome.

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