Meeting with Frans Timmermans
1 February 2023

Meeting with Frans Timmermans


Our Director General and Vice-president of Europe Jacques Delors, Geneviève Pons and Pascal Lamy, met Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans (European Commission) to discuss about several important topics.

Meeting with Frans Timmermans

Discussion about:

- How integrate trade, environment and development.

- USA/UE perspectives on energy transition: shared objectives but different methods. What impacts and how to tackle them?

- Securing deforestation as a necessary condition for unblocking Mercosur.

- Implications of Russian war in Ukraine call for reinforcing transformation towards sustainable agri-food systems rather than slowing down.

And an exchange of views on coming international meetings and events:

- Frans Timmermans meeting with the new Chinese government end of March.

- Antarctica waters protection conference (CCAMLR) in Chile on 19-23 June: an occasion to seize to unlock negotiations on creating new MPAs in Antarctica.

- Amazonian Summit in Brazil end of April.

- International finance system reform, in June in Paris, key to progress on tackling climate change.

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